EU to invest in ultra-efficient aero engines

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While we are getting prepared for the Brexit vote, the EU are preparing to invest over €3 million in ultra-efficient aero engines in the three year Ultimate (Ultra Low emission Technology Innovations for Mid-century Aircraft Turbine Engines) project. This is all part of the European Unions initiative to reduce emissions and become more eco-friendly.

“The EU is targeting a 75% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions per passenger kilometre between the years 2000 and 2050,” said Tomas Grönstedt, Professor in Turbomachinery at Chalmers and coordinator of the project. “To reach the 75% reduction target, we estimate that the last 18% will have to come from technology developed within our project.”

In our latest blog post which was focused on The Future of British Manufacturing, we highlighted how manufacturing companies within the UK are preparing for a new industrial revolution (Industry 4.0). UK based, Rolls Royce is one of the engine manufacturers that is involved with the new EU initiative and poised to embrace the new world of technology to assist in the manufacturing of these ultra-efficient aero engines.

You can read more on the topic on the Eureka website.







The Future of British Manufacturing

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The Future of British Manufacturing is an initiative launched by Autodesk and key partners and takes a hands-on-approach to enabling British design and manufacturing companies to respond to the challenges or trends such as Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things.

The goal is to enable British manufacturers to design, make and sell great British products everywhere by embracing, new disruptive technologies to boost production, innovation and deliver competitive advantage.

Man and Machine alongside Autodesk has put together a readiness assessment to measure your current level of design and manufacturing agility, with instant feedback on how you can improve.

You can complete the readiness assessment here.

Autodesk are also running a series of the Future of Making Things events which you can now register for:

15th June, AMRC, Rotherham
21st September, AFRC, Renfrew

Don’t get left behind, be ready and embrace the new world of manufacturing today.

Growing pressures for the Plant Industry

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Irrespective of whether you work in the oil & gas, food processing, utilities or waste management, the challenges for plant owners and operators are common.

Increasing profitability and production efficiency in all of them is a common theme and solutions are needed to support strategic goals. Ultimately these industries combine facilities with hundreds or even thousands of on-site assets that are combined to process materials to deliver product output.


A number of key challenges exist for these industries including aging facilities and infrastructure. Having solutions that extend the life of assets through proper maintenance scheduling can help to drive improved profits through the increasing use and adaptability of these assets. On the other hand emerging economies and increasing populations are placing unprecedented demand for new plant and new infrastructure, so much so, that in certain areas of the world, utilities like electricity are turned off in various parts of extensively occupied areas, as insufficient infrastructure is available to deliver enough electricity to provide 24/7 capacity.

As with most industries Plant industries are also under increasing pressure to reduce cost and increase productivity, with Tata Steel announcing 900 job cuts – even the largest manufacturing companies in the UK are looking to cut costs. With the government having to step in to help, these companies need to find other ways to help leverage the pressures without having to say goodbye to staff.DiagramOutside of process improvements, many designers and plant operators are trying to use new technology innovation and tools to improve the design and build process during plant construction or in the change management process. 3D design packages that provide utilities for visualisation and clash detection are very productive tools. Point cloud technology is also being used for helping document aging facilities where as-built documentation is not available or inaccurate.

Realising there is a need for such technology is just the first step for many of these companies, it is time to find the necessary tools they need to help them face the ever growing list of challenges.

Back To The Future Day – 21st October 2015

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The cult film Back To The Future predicted what life would be like on this date – way back in the 80s. With so many of these coming true, such as 3D films, wearable technology and video-call communication – we take a look at some of the things they didn’t predict.

3D printing has been a topic of conversation for many years now. By using a virtual design of what you want to make using 3D modelling programs such as Autodesk. A 3D scanner then makes a 3D digital copy of any object. Whilst you can make a 3D print of a TV remote in your own home, some companies are creating phenomenal products that will change the future for many.


A Dutch start up company has just unveiled it’s plans to use robotic printers to weld a bridge that will span an Amsterdam canal. It is hoped that the bridge will be a first step towards seeing the technique used on construction sites, especially those involving dangerous tasks such as on high buildings. The project relies heavily on Autodesk software

Whilst they may not have predicted 3D printing in Back To The Future, we wonder what technological advances will happen over the next 30 years….

BlueCielo – Intelligent Asset Management Solutions

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Irrespective of whether you are working in the oil & gas, food processing, utilities, waste management, chemical or pharmaceutical industries, the challenges for plant owners and operators are common. Disintegrated supply chains, outsourcing, aging facilities, economic and population increases, scarcity of expertise and the management of change are all placing increasing demands on facilities that can and will affect efficiency and production capacity.


Man and Machine offers a range of technologies and services to help deliver solutions to these business challenges. Partnering with industry leaders like BlueCielo, Autodesk, and Kubit ensure we are bringing innovation to our customers challenges delivering business value and operational improvement.

The BlueCielo asset management platform links assets to documents and specifications, making the retrieval of all relevant information a much simpler task. Using Advanced Project Workflow it also allows seamless integration between the engineering, projects and operations team.

Keep an eye out on our social media channels as we will be launching a series of webinars for the Plant industry including Autodesk Plant 3D and BlueCielo! Or contact us for more information.

CAD solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry


CADSOLThis is a time of extraordinary global economic and political turbulence, and the Oil & Gas industry is facing some fundamental challenges. Historically, the focus in this industry has been on locating resources and meeting rising energy demands. Today, however, the picture is more complex.

As we move into an era where technology provides the competitive edge and companies look to add value, rather than volume, businesses in this sector need forward thinking advice and practical strategies.

Man and Machine provide applications and services that underpin equipment creation, operation and maintenance as well as providing 2D/3D solutions for plant factory creation, simulation and visualisation.

We are on the look out for new talent!


Man and Machine in the UK has seen massive growth since transitioning from an Autodesk Distributor and working in the channel to being one of many Autodesk resellers. Our main goal is to have some of the best technical team and application engineers in the industry, with specialists in all areas of Autodesk software already we are looking to expand our technical team.

We are currently recruiting two Application Engineers. One CAD AEC/MFG specialist based in the southwest region and another CAD/CAM specialist based in the midlands.

If you are interested or know of anyone that might be please email your CV to

Man and Machine and the UK Automotive Industry


There are over 2,369 manufacturers in the UK supplying the automotive industry and providing the UK economy with around 55 billion in annual turnover.

The strength and capability of the Automotive supply chain is a crucial factor in driving growth and attracting onward investment within the UK. To maximise ongoing opportunities the UK automotive suppliers need:

*To build a globally competitive skill set
*To invest in innovation, R&D and capital equipment
*To achieve global quality, cost and delivery

At the heart of the design and manufacturing process in the UK for the Automotive industry is CAD/CAM. By using the most efficient software and having employees trained to their best ability you in turn will achieve these goals.
Man and Machine offers CAD/CAM solutions including training, consultancy and support across the whole of the automotive supply chain and can help you get the most out of your software investment.
Software includes:
*3ds Max
*HSMWorks CAM solutions
Get in touch today for more information on 01844 263700 or email

Are you ready for BIM?

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It takes many activities and skills to bring the ideas and designs of Architects/Engineers to fruition. Building Information Modelling (BIM) attempts to standardise the creation and exchange of information to make the design, construction and operational management of a facility or infrastructure asset more efficient. BIM merely reminds us that we should constantly re-evaluate the way we manage information to improve collaboration and drive cost efficiency and productivity on a project.

BIM ready

Architects have been using ‘building information’ in many forms for a very long time and BIM is merely an extension of this trend. The word ‘building’ itself doesn’t necessarily describe the full scope of a project, neither does it describe all of the industries that can adopt BIM best practices. Increasingly in the UK, BIM touches construction, facilities management, civil infrastructure, and even product manufacturers and fabricators. The extent to which BIM requires information is not limited to CAD modelling – it covers policies, assumptions, strategic decisions, manufacturers data, user assessment, regulation, client specification, maintenance instructions and waste management data. All of these are part of the information pertaining to the construction and on-going management of a facility or asset and are a necessary part of the information that needs to form part of the ‘model’.

Man and Machine are poised to help you get BIM ready. With a range of services including; BIM Deployment Programs, training, consultancy, support and software – we have all the tools and technical ability to enable you to reach the UK BIM requirements by 2016.


New to Man and Machine – HSM Works


Man and Machine has just been announced as the only reseller in the UK to sell HSMWorks, next generation integrated CAM for Inventor and Solidworks users.

When it comes to integrated CAM, Man and Machine is committed to delivering solutions to the broadest range of users, from designers and engineers to veteran CNC programmers, regardless of their CAD tool of choice.

Inventor_HSM_2014_h copy

CAM for Autodesk® Inventor®
Turn your Inventor designs into high-precision machine-ready toolpaths that can be programmed, simulated and verified, all within your Inventor software. Built on the same powerful CAM kernel as HSMWorks, Inventor HSM solutions help you generate the most efficient toolpaths that produce high quality finished parts while minimizing cycle time and maximizing machine life.

  • Inventor HSM Express
  • Inventor HSM

Inventor HSM Pro – Coming Soon!

The CAM solution for SolidWorks
HSMWorks is designed from the ground up to work inside SolidWorks, providing a logical extension of the parametric SolidWorks assembly environment into the CAM world. Users will benefit from the comprehensive 2D and 3D CAD capabilities of SolidWorks mechanical design solutions and quickly extend any knowledge gained to the CAM process, resulting in improved design quality and reduced product development time.

  • HSMWorks
  • HSMXpress

Not only do we offer the software, our highly skilled technical consultants can provide training, consultancy and support. If you would like more information, get in touch on 01844 263700, email or visit